Hamilton County, Indiana - Bridgeview Animal HospitalAt Bridgeview Animal Hospital, we are proud to serve, live and work in Hamilton County and the surrounding communities. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service in one of the most exciting and historically invigorating areas within Indiana. The land containing Hamilton County (where we are now exceptionally proud to be located) given to the possession of the United States by the Treaty of St. Mary was in 1818.

William Conner was one of the very first settlers in this newly established land, and when realizing there were plenty of settlers in the area, Conner and fellow settlers applied to Indiana Legislature for a charter authorizing them to become a separate and independent county under Indiana law. The application was presented to the Legislature in the year of the 1822-23 session, and the act was passed and approved by the governor on January 8, 1823. The act allowing them to become an independent county in turn, took effect on the first Monday in April (April 7), 1823. This culturally diverse and now booming county of 309,697 was named after the well-known first secretary of the treasury, Alexander Hamilton.

One of the greatest things to do when you visit Hamilton County, Indiana is to step back into pages of its exciting history, why just read about history when you can visit it and relive every moment! Our interactive experiences let you “time-travel,” with all of your senses and truly transport yourself with all of our exhibits, demonstrations, workshops, walking tours and interpretive programming.

You can learn about Westfield’s connection to the Underground Railroad at the increasingly popular and ever growing show “Voices from the Past.” Or you can get a glimpse into a spookier history with some of the eery ghost walks that take place in Westfield and Noblesville. You can also visit the beautiful Conner Prairie for a year round visit to the past: located in Fishers, Indiana, Conner Prairie is a nationally acclaimed history destination. This outdoor museum offers engaging, individualized and unique experiences that aim to educate about Indiana and the exciting and historical events and places it inhibits. Created by Eli Lilly in 1934, Conner Prairie combines history with science and encourages visitors to explore Indiana’s natural and cultural heritage through hands-on, immersive and interactive experiences. Indiana’s first Smithsonian Institute affiliate, Conner Prairie is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.

Museums are another great attraction offered by the engaging and educational town of Hamilton County, Indiana – but we don’t want you to begrudgingly walk past, we invite you to interact with the history we have to offer.

From a trip to Prairietown to help frontier settlers with everyday work at Conner Prairie to the enthralling music artifacts at the Palladium to being an inmate at the Museum of History and Old Sheriff’s Residence and Jail just outside the county courthouse there are so many exciting attractions to learn and have fun in Hamilton County.

We don’t just have history and heritage, though; we also have several music venues, world-renowned restaurants and plenty of outdoor activities, nightlife, and events that will appease the entire family from golf to a girls night out on the town.

Veterinary Services In Hamilton County

Proud to have several locations in and around Hamilton County, Indiana – Bridgeview Animal Hospital combines the hospitality and fun found in this vibrant county with a high level of care and advanced veterinary technologies.

At Bridgeview Animal Hospital, we offer a wide variety of services to keep your pets as healthy as possible. It is our goal to give your pets the best possible veterinary care that they deserve!

We are a group of highly trained veterinary professionals who are also devoted animal lovers, that will work hard to give your pets the best care that they deserve so that they can live long and healthy lives! Some of our services include grooming, vaccinations, emergency care, heartworm treatment, leptospirosis and Lyme disease, pet dental, puppy and kitten, and senior pet care and much more.

If you need pet care, we are here to provide it in any way. We do our best to work with your busy schedule and we are strong advocates of communication and will partner with you to solve your pet’s health care issues while providing the best care available.

Please call us at 317-841-3315 or schedule an appointment with us HERE to receive the best care, in the best county, with the best people at Bridgeview Animal Hospital.

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