Lapel, Indiana - Bridgeview Animal HospitalThe friendly faces, loving veterinarians, and top of the line technology and service you find at Bridgeview Animal Hospital far exceeds the level of veterinary care found anywhere else.

While we have many different offices in several different locations, one of the places we offer unparalleled care is in the ever convenient and caring town of Lapel, Indiana, where there are many great attributes. One of these is the convenient connections to larger cities from I-69, the warm and friendly welcome to a passionate community and an excellent school system that draws a variety of culture, diversity, and education.

As a constantly evolving business, we aim to meet the needs of all the animal lovers and pet owners in this area of Lapel, Indiana and the surrounding communities. The caring team at Bridgeview Animal Hospital is dedicated to meeting your needs, with our exceptionally diverse offering of veterinary services. Our primary goal is to keep your pets as healthy as they can be, while maintaining your pet’s health. With services ranging from dental work to heartworm prevention, we will ensure a simple and hassle free process for you – ensuring your pup or cat is healthy and that you are happy.  It is our goal to give your pets the best possible veterinary care that they deserve!

Veterinary Services Near Lapel

Some of the top of the line services we offer for your canine companion or feline friend include grooming to keep your pet squeaky clean, vaccinations to protect them from any potential harm and diseases, emergency care at two different emergency care clinics and treatments for many issues faced by our furry friends such as heartworms. We also pay particular attention to leptospirosis and Lyme disease, which are very prevalent in our area. Some of our other services include but are not limited to pet dental care. Just like humans, poor dental hygiene can lead underlying health issues. A key factor in ensuring the health of your pet is having healthy teeth and gums. We also provide puppy and kitten care, the widely needed senior pet care; because as pets age their level of care needed is critical from when they were a pup or kitten. Other veterinary services also include spay and neutering to help maintain the animal and pet population and ensure that your pet is safe and healthy. We are here to assist you with anything you may need, from a friendly smile to a word of advice and any pet care you and your furry friend may require!

If you need pet care of any kind, we are here to provide it in any way, at the most convenient time for you and your pet. At Bridgeview Animal Hospital, we do our best to work with your busy schedule as we are strong advocates of communication. We want to help make sure you and your pet are as comfortable and happy as possible and will partner with you to solve your pet’s health care issues while providing the best care available to you.

We invite you to please call us at 317-841-3315 or schedule an appointment with us to receive the kind word, welcoming smile and a high level of quality care at Bridgeview Animal Hospital.

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